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Don't starve update april

Areas should feel more unique.
boss Added FX to book reading animation.Removed small holes in cave worlds that were previously pillars.You can make bigg a Boomerang and throw it at other creatures.New craftables: We added a new tab for episode gem-based items, and added amulets and staves for all of lighting the existing colors.Creep without a spider den disappears.Spider nests are crawling with activity.There are new, amilo powerful items that can be built running from the Nightmare Fuel that they leave behind when killed.November 19, 2013 - Bugfix Rev.World Gen: Can now specify the range of background nodes to generate for each node in the level definition.Your existing save will be imported into the first slot when you season start the game for the first time.It is a work in progress and is largely untested and unbalanced, so you may not live boss for very long!Sometimes, when you find pig villages, episode they will have carrot and flower farms.You can make the game really, really guide hard pirated now.Willow also has some new items that can be dropped, amilo weaved or purchased.Mods can now specify an arbitrary boss save slot instead of using slots 1-4.(As a side-effect, creep can no longer be picked up and placed.) Walls have more health. Picking a Mushroom as day phase changes will no longer cause the mushroom to regrow episode immediately.

Willow takes no burn damage while extinguishing smoldering fires and don't starve update april does it faster than others.
Added a character quip when Hounds are approaching.
Creatures can no longer walk through walls that have been destroyed and rebuilt.