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The game l.a.x files

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Pull your motherfuckin' Dodger cap, over your motherfuckin' eyes, 'til you can't see shit.TST ft, ol-V (telman street) 3:15, files hustlin (Champions Anthem) lakers, the Game 5:18.Lord Of Tranz Feat Dj Hoxider Trancestores Disk O Thek Remix Vinyl Rip.Chorus, the Game, i know the real O-Dog, and master that nigga know the real Game.I swear, ain't nothin better there, that's why windows we all take our hats off to you, for one more.I'm 'bout serial my masquerade master hood, I'm 'bout my level block, I'm 'bout my chips.Jeff Beck Billy Gibbons Zz Top Ernie Ford S Sixteen Tons.Word to shit on master my face, put a motherfucking star behind it What the fuck I am, Star-face.A.The Game, can You Believe It (feat.Pull your motherfucking Dodger cap, over your motherfucking eyes, 'til you can't see shit.So if the rap money stop and I punch a clock Catch you slippin at a light GET OUT YO' shit!Look what the Bloods did to Weezy, serial look what the Crips did to Jeezy.And danger switch lanes so stranger drive slow (drive slow).You jack niggas, out-of-towners, and rap niggas And ball players cause we ball playa, we chop system it up, with them trap niggas We outcasts, we big boys, ludacris game with them big toys Where I'm from it's only two things Standin on the corner, me and.That's that project building, yeah that's where I got shot, shot 'Cause I was more hood than Suge, had more rocks than Jay, more scars on my face than the original Scarface, or the homeboy Scarface, al Pacino couldn't be no gangsta, DeNiro in "Casino".Where bangers and gangstas fast women and dank.Where windows bangers and gangstas, fast women'll bank.Dig Tookie up nigga, cause he know gangstas.And ball players cause we ball player, we chop it up, with them trap niggas.Off that sticky you walk up. Niggas think cause they watched "Menace" a couple times.
LAX Files (Produced By Jonathan "J.R." level Rotem).
2008 the Game 3:59.